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"Vality has been an invaluable partner as we sought to transform our statewide full-time virtual school (TECCA) to provide for the greater success of our students. Dave offers a wealth of industry knowledge coupled with a high level of integrity to always do the right thing. He has assisted us with budgets, strategic planning, and communications with multiple constituents - impressively with government bodies. Without Dave's help, our school would not be as primed as we are for success in 2016-2017 and positioned for greater success in the coming months It is without hesitation that I recommend Vality to any organization looking for strategic thinking and to position themselves for the future."

         Dr. Peter Sanchioni, Board Chairman, TEC Connections Academy (TECCA) & Superintendent, Natick Public Schools (MA)

"I had the pleasure of working with Dave as we worked with Michigan’s Governor, state legislators, and Department of Education to ensure high-quality educational choices for our at-risk kids, and to secure the proper funding, access, and regulatory environment for our full-time, statewide schools. There were many hurdles to overcome, and Dave educated everyone on all sides of the issues to find common ground while always influencing outcomes in ways that were positive for children, their families, and for our company, Connections Education. Dave excelled at this, tirelessly advocating and lobbying for the passage of three landmark education bills, all of which passed and were enacted into law. Dave is deeply committed to educational quality and school choice. In online and blended learning education, there are few people who have the experience, acumen, and combination of marketing, leadership, integrity, and government relations skill that Dave has. We were fortunate to have him leading our government relations, school development, and advocacy team. Dave’s towering strengths include outstanding relationship building and communication skills. I hold him in the highest professional and personal regard."

         Mr. Dallas Bell, President, Michigan High School Options

"Vality has added immeasurable value to our efforts to evolve and improve our statewide virtual school, including but not limited to financial analysis, negotiations and complex partner relations, growth and scaling operations, and staffing plans. Vality’s founder Dave Schmidt is the rare combination of outstanding business acumen and deep understanding of education. He is singularly focused on improving student academic success, and thoughtfully and intelligently tailors his insights, work, and advice in support of that goal. I strongly recommend Dave and his company Vality to anyone needing strategic and operational support in education, technology, and related disciplines."

         Mr. Jim Flanagan, Board Treasurer, TEC Connections Academy (TECCA) & Chief Learning Services Officer, ISTE

"Dave was an incredible partner who patiently, persistently and tirelessly guided our organizational team through every phase of a complex and nuanced process, educating, inspiring and encouraging us every step of the way. He is an exceptional communicator, skilled facilitator, extraordinarily gracious colleague, and an ethical, meticulously prepared professional. His outstanding leadership, keen intelligence, and outstanding support were invaluable and resulted in our successful application and the founding of the TEC Connections Academy (TECCA). I hold him in the highest regard and recommend him without hesitation."

         Elizabeth McGonagle / Executive Director, The Education Cooperative (TEC), East Walpole, MA


"Dave has the unique combination of being an exceptional leader and an extraordinary person. He has a stellar combination of traits – he is intelligent, personable, positive, trustworthy, and able to conduct business with every personality style. He manages difficult relationships with tact, adaptability, and thoughtful attention to achieve both business and customer goals. He cares about those that he leads and provides effective and thoughtful feedback to ensure success. I strongly recommend Dave for any leadership position within an organization and I consider myself one of the lucky ones to have had the opportunity to work with and for him." 

           Tatum Murphy / Statewide Virtual School Leader, Orlando, FL


"David is someone whom I highly respect and admire as a professional. During our time working together, he led his team in successfully working with the state to develop and approve a new statewide virtual school, quite an accomplishment given the challenging climate. There were many things that were unexpectedly thrown at David and his team; his problem solving skills, professionalism, and calm demeanor directly contributed to his success. After the school was approved, David continued to go above and beyond to ensure the school would be successful. His extensive knowledge and skills directly contributed to my ability to be successful and best serve my school and students. He also was instrumental in my ability to develop a good relationship with state representatives and departments. His knowledge and passion were an inspiration to me and our other school leaders. I would jump at an opportunity to work with him again."

             Statewide Virtual School Leader / Massachusetts, Georgia, and North Carolina                     




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