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Mr. Schmidt advises the Governing Boards of seven statewide public virtual schools in six states: Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.


  • Six of these schools offer, or used to offer, turn-key virtual programs from Connections Education, a subsidiary of Pearson.

  • The remaining virtual school is served by education pioneer Calvert Education. 

Put our deep experience in industry and blue chip, pioneering organizations including the United States Navy (submarine force), Intel, Gateway, America Online (AOL), and Pearson to work for you now.


​​Our principal has over 13 years of experience in education, both as an instructor and businessman. He taught submarine officers from Navy Ensign through Commander for nearly three years at Naval Submarine School.

He taught Executive Communications to nearly 120 1st year MBA students at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Finally, he worked for 9+ years at online and blended learning pioneers K12, Inc. and Connections Education, a division of Pearson (Education).




​​We are uniquely qualified to help your technology company, products, and services succeed wildly. Our experience includes a BS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, six years of service in the Navy nuclear submarine force, and 25 years at technology innovators including Intel, Gateway, and America Online (AOL).


​​Our experience spans multiple industries, companies, and opportunities and challenges. We have held executive roles in innovative companies defining new products, services, and customer experiences, as well as worked in commoditized businesses where price, market differentiation, timing, and go-to-market strategy often dictates who will thrive, and who won't survive.

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